Saturday, June 29, 2013

Snow White Cake Pops

Every mom on the face of this earth knows that when it comes to movies and children there is no such thing as "watching it once". Especially when your little one is 3 and the movie is Snow White.
My little helper decided she wanted to see Snow white , and then decided she wanted to see it again, and the day after she asked me to put the video one more time. All week long I watched Snow White
even when my daughter was not in the t.v room she cried when I turned it of...
I caught myself singing Heigh Ho in the shower, and in my car, whistling it in the morning and before I went to bed.

All this Snow White and the seven dwarfs inspired me to make this cake pops... I think they came out great!

snow white cake pops

My favorite is the witch , and the evil queen, well , Snow White is so cute too! 

snow white cake pops

Evil Queens crown is made of fondant and the witch cape too, I used a mini marshmallow as Evil Queens neck . Underneath the witches cape, there is a kiss chocolate, a sweet surprise that also 
gives that pointy shape for the cape.

Hey! I know I am not Bakerella, but I am very pleased with these! Besides, I made them with coffee cupcakes I made the other day and they tasted sooo good! ( wait for the coffee cupcake recipe) 
The best part is  my daughters reaction, She just cant believe her mother did that! her eyes light up and cant wait to try them. This time she was beside me while I took the pictures the whole time praising my cake pops!

snow white cake pops

Are your kids your biggest fans? The feeling is the best!

I can´t wait to have a Snow White party , there are so many good ideas for one ! and these cake pops are original and beautiful. 

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