Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cupcake Presentation ... taking it to the next level

What a week Ive had! I felt on an episode writen by Shonda Rhymes! (Grey´s Anatomy, Scandal, Private Practice), My husband was mugged, thanks to God he is ok. , but the thieves punched him on the face.  Then he crashed his car, then he crashed mine! Now we have no cars, and the moral of the family is down. And the cherry on the top of the cake... Mexico had an earthquake! we normally don´t feel anything because we live on a house, but when we felt the earth shake beneath us we were very scared! All this things in a week or so!. The bright side? we are fine, all this bad things happened and we are perfectly fine ( my husbands cheek cant say the same) but we are ok.

  I needed a distraction, something good , and it came !
 A client called me, she needed 60 mini cupcakes, 30 vanilla brides, 30 chocolate grooms for her brother´s wedding event, she needed them wrapped individually and to take them in something acceptable for the event ( bye bye cardboard boxes), also, she wanted to take them to the event by herself ( so bye bye typical tray or they would fall ) ...

This meant Making 60 cupcakes in two days, no car to use if something bad happened (like I ran out of oil, which I did) with no help, and to make her something pretty ... My answer? Challenge accepted!

I baked the cupcakes the day before.. And disaster! They were huge! But I had no way of doing them again... So I prayed to have a good looking, great tasting product and kept working... I had to think of an idea to make the cupcake presentation, and my husband pointed me to an old basket on top the fridge .. How about that? ... Literally I could hear the bells and the haleluya on my head! I had some black fabric much like silk from my DIY days and felt. I covered the basket first with the felt using a silicone gun, then I covered it with the black fabric... Asked my hubby to bring me white ribbon and a white bow that I also atached using the gun. I barely made them on time but they were beautiful and I was very very pleased with them .

Part of the appeal of the cupcake is that they are beautiful, and in my opinion the presentation is part of that, the cupcake first enter the eye and then please the mouth. To make a good display all you need is imagination ( and a husband like mine, haha) , the possibilities are endless!

How do you think you could have done it?
How do you display your cupcakes? Please share ideas!

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