Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dora the Explorer birthday party

    After days of hard work, my little helpers thirth birthday party is finally over! And I am very proud to tell you it was a succes!. All the kids had a huge smile on their faces all of the time, everyone enjoyed the cupcakes and food, and my table Dora the Explorer style looked very pretty.

Latlety all the birthday parties look amazing, is like a competition between us moms to win the best party prize. I blame pinterest, with all that mouthwatering images and those DIY projects.
Well,  here are some pictures if you want some inspiration, here is what I did...

Dora the explorer party

Backpack cupcakes are chocolate with cream cheese frosting , and boots cupcakes are banana cupcakes with caramel frosting, I do not have many pictures because they went pretty fast.

swiper cake pops , dora the explorer cupcakes, boots cupcakes, backpack cupcakes

swiper cake pops... a total hit! I am very proud of myself for these.
I saw on pinterest the idea of painting mozarella cheese strings like maps, and I put them in the backpack toy.

swiper cake pops, cake pops, birthday cake pops, dora cake pops

they were so much fun to make!

swiper cake pops

dora the explorer cupcakes, dora cupcakes, boots cupcakes, dora party

boots cupcakes, dora the explorer cupcakes

backpack cupcakes, dora the explorer cupcakes, dora cupcakes, dora party

We even had a Dora Show!

dora the explorer birthday party

and how could we forget the cake?

dora the explorer cake

It was hard work and a very stresful week, but when I saw the look in my daughters face and the rest of the children, it was all worth it! I can´t wait to next year!