Sunday, June 16, 2013

Brownie Bites Recipe

Everyone loves brownies! Specialy if they are bite size so they make you keep wanting more... I made this for my husband, this recipe is so easy, even my little helper could do her job!

I know being a father is not easy, to allways have the well being of the family on your shoulders. I am very lucky to have a strong man beside me so we could raise our daughters together . This recipe is to endulge the men in our life who make it easier and so much better!. To my other half and the father of my children! I love you!

I only wanted to make 12 mini brownies, with a card that read; a sweet treat for a sweet man... I found this recipe on Health and it worked just fine. But if I ever do them again I will increase the chocolate amount ( just a bit) and put a little less cocoa. Here is the link to the recipe:

Health mini brownie bites recipe

And here are some pictures...

Happy Father's Day!

mini brownies, brownie bites, mini brownies cupcakes

brownie bites, mini brownies, brownie cupcakes

I made this cute little hearts out of icing sugar, but feel free to top them with pecans, coconut or what ever your heart desires!. Enjoy!