Friday, June 14, 2013

Make any store bought cake your own...

This time I want to share with you my very first attempt of making a cake with chocolate figures..

Ok. So today I cheated, I didn't had the time to make the cake I was planning for my daughter's first birthday, so I went to the bakery, chose a simple cake and added a few things I had for the cake I was planning... Hurray!!! Beautiful and special cake for my little helper's birthday...

cookie monster cake

The first birthday is a very special day!,  A unique little person is starting to show on that angel face and chubby cheeks. I wanted with all my heart to make her a very special cake, I thought Sesame Street would be an easy and cute first birthday theme. So I started on sunday, making modeling chocolate... 
Finding the right recipe is so hard!!! this time , I used candy melts and followed a pretty standar recipe... the result was a rock hard chocolate  that I had to microwave to start using, but hey! I could use it! not so bad for me! I made my rice Kispies figures ...

cookie monster cake

and I tried to make the figure...

cookie monster cake

I don´t know if you can see that I tried to make like fur with a toothpick... huge mistake! I didn´t like the overall efect but my hubbie liked it so I left it that way.

And that´s it! I had no more time to make more figures, no time to bake, and had no money for fondant... But I allready had the cookie monster figure, so I decided to buy a cake and make it my own ...I was very pleased with the results. 
It is the first time I made modeling chocolate, the first time to make any figure using rice krispies, and my first time making any modeling chocolate figures! 

cookie monster cake

What do you think? Be kind! Modeling chocolate is Not Easy!

If you ever find yourself in a situation like mine, don´t hesitate and run to buy a cake, and then make it your own! it can be with fondant, candy melts, modeling chocolate... the limit is your imagination! Even if you didn´t bake the cake, it will have a personal touch and everyone will enjoy it.

I leave you with the picture of my angel with her cake! It is allways a great pleasure to see your little ones grow... I am so proud of my two daughters!

Yes, she has a tiara! it was her birthday! So give me a break!