Friday, June 21, 2013

Clown Cupcakes

  My best friend´s little boy is celebrating his first birthday today!. So my friend asked me to make some cupcakes for the special occasion.
Trepsi cupcakes! Who is Trepsi you ask? He is a very well known little clown here in Mexico that little babies love!! My 3 year old still sings Trepsi songs, and his fiend musi.
These were a challenge , being the first one ever, making this Trepsi cupcakes. But they were so much fun to make!. I think that all the planning and creativity you need to create a new cake is my favorite part of the whole decorating cakes thing.
Besides! I am getting a little bit bored with the bride and groom cupcakes that by the way I made more yesterday for another event! They are a total hit! and I am grateful to them because they had given me a lot of work, but they are not longer fun! So planing how to do this cute clown and his bird friend Musi was a breeze of fresh air in my kitchen! hahaha

I am proud to present Trepsi and his friend Musi...

cute right? , they have a baby gym that is totally famous where I live... 

and... these are my cupcakes! 

clown cupcakes

clown cupcakes

They are made out of fondant, the nose is a mini m&m. The cupcakes are banana with chocolate chips and turned out delicious!!!

banana cupcakes

These are the Musi cupcakes... I was planning doing them different, but my friend wanted them like this, I think they were cute too!

bird cupcakes

                       Made out of caramel frosting, with eyes and beak of fondant... To cute to eat!!!

So... of all this cake, cupcake , cake pop making... which part is your favorite part?
Do you mind doing the same cupcakes over and over ? or you enjoy the challenge?