Monday, June 10, 2013

Tips for making the perfect cake pops

  Making cake pops... piece of cake, right?.
You go ahead and by your candy melts, make your cake balls, dip them in your melted chocolate, and then, before you could even show them to your family,  they are on the floor, or leaking, or cracked... you try to figure out what happened... Go on line and read all you can about them, you did everything like you were supposed to.. or not?
I  have made cake pops for a while now and have learned a lot from my mistakes, so hopefully if you read this you can learn from my mistakes too.
Here are some great tips too if you are making characters cake pops, those are my favorites!

1. If you are making characters , make sure to be inspired by a toy or a tree dimensional figure, not a drawing, this way is easier (trust me) to figure out the details of the character in question. My secret are bubble heads!, yes! they have the perfect shape to study the face you want to make.

2. While making your cake balls , make sure to press firmly enough the cake portion before you make the ball, press , press , press , each time with less presure, then make your ball as you are used to. This will help to blend even better the frosting with the cake, and make your cake pops stronger.

3. Keep it simple, in an attempt to make the perfect cake pop, you can come with an idea that requires a lot of candy, or fondant, or what ever... don´t. keep them as simple as you can , and if you do them correctly, they will look awsome without all that candy on them. Try to shape the cake ball instead of adding candy... that take us to number 4...

4. Use cookie cutters or even your fingers to achieve the desired shape.  Be creative, for instance.. to make the swiper shape, I used a nozzle.. and then reshaped them with my hands.

5. If your shape is a little fragile make sure to dab the cake pops with melted chocolate before you insert your lollipop sticks. I made this with the flounders noses, and the swipers muzzles. using a toothpick and very little candy melt I dabbed to prevent future cracking or melting or other calamity. This is good too, if your cake balls have cracks, just dabb some candy melt in the cracks and leave it to dry completely before you insert the stick in them.

6. Leave them on the fridge for a while. If you allways leave them 30 min. , this time leave them 50. Specially if you are making characters cake pops.

7. This is very very important to prevent candy melt cracking and oil leaking!!! ... You left your cake pops for 50 min on the fridge, now take them out and leave them 30 min. at room temperature before making anything to them!. When 30 min. have passed, then you can dabbed them , and then you can insert your lollipop sticks.  When your cake balls are "warming up" they expand, if you dip them to soon in candy melt they will keep expanding and will crack your beautiful candy melt coating.

8. Tap Tap Tap, and then tap some more. While dipping your cake pops, give them some tough love. They are much stronger than you think! ( and if they are not, then they were going to crack anyway)
tap them to prevent air bubbles that may cause oil leaking and cracking. if you spot one bubble who refuse to go by taping, just poke it with a tooth pick, then tap some more to make the imperfection go away. Tap tap tap your way to perfect beautiful cake pops!

This is what I learned , when I do not follow these steps the results are allways bad.  It works for me and now I hope it works for you!  Don´t doubt to show me your new and perfect cake pops! Please share them with me!

I leave you here pictures of my cake pops... ( my blog is new so I don´t have much)
how to make cake pops

"how to make cake pops"

how to make cake pops

"how to make cake pops"