Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The best vegan coconut frosting recipe

Creamy, rich in flavour and texture, this frosting is a delight that will enhance any cupcake or cake. If you are vegan you will love this! And if you are not, you will love this too!

My husband is my toughest critic, he allways give me a straight opinion, and he was blown away by this! I also had the fortune to share my creations with a very popular vegan coffee shop owner and she praised my cupakes a lot! She wanted to buy them for her clients!

vegan coconut frosting

I've been busy creating splendid vegan cupcakes for this vegan coffee shop. I felt like a mad scientist making all this experiments, taking notes, testing the product and everything a good baker is required to do... I am exausted but joyful
to share all my "findings" with you...

So here it is: The best coconut frosting ever! For the vegan and the non vegan too!
A little warning here: the coconut will make hard the task of piping, I spread it on my cupcakes, but if you wish to do a more fancy piping I would recomend you put the coconut on the food processor until the consistency is very very fine... maybe that could help. When you taste it you will not care at all that you can't pipe coconut roses!

Ingredients you will need: yields 12 cupcakes depending on your piping

One stick of good quality margarine at room temperature
3 tablespoons of coconut milk ( or a little more to thin the consistency)
2 cups icing sugar
7 onz. Unsweetened shreded coconut
1/2 teaspoon clear vanilla extract


Start by beating your margarine until light and creamy.
At a low speed add the coconut and beat well. At this point use the vanilla and the coconut milk to thin your mixture, mix well.
Then, at the lowest speed of your mixer add the icing sugar one spoon at a time so you won't end up with a sugar cloud on your kitchen, until firm. If you think the mixture is very very thick add coconut milk one teaspoon at a time. If you feel the mixture is too soft abd runny, add some more icing sugar one tablespoon at a time.
Spread on cupcakes or cake and enjoy the party in your mouth! Hahaha.

Once my cupcakes were frosted I added some more coconut on the top, just to make them pretty, you can add grated white chocolate ( if you don't care much for the vegan twist) or any other yummy ingredient you can think of!

vegan coconut frosting

What do you think? If you are making this please let me know if you liked it as much as I did!
Share your ideas to improve this! ( if you can) remember I want to make the best vegan cupcakes to share with all of you!

In the next posts I will be sharing more of my vegan creations... And non vegan too!

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