Sunday, May 26, 2013

Michelle Obama hates Cupcakes

Have you heard? Ms. Obama have recently planned to ban cupcakes ( and other sugar goodies) from being used as reference on U.S schools. Inviting Publishers to change textbooks on the Lets Move! blog .
This means math teachers will have to replace cupcakes for vegetables on their problem teaching.
No more hypothetical sugar for kids! God forbid they run home to stuf their little noses on cupcakes or cakes!

I still dont know if I have to laugh or cry .
I am just glad I dont live in the US and no one is planning to take my daughters right to count pastries.
What is the next move of the Lets Move ! Program?

What is the line between helping kids and being an autocrat? Whats next? A horse working for the white house?

I know this is a baking blog, not a political blog, but I am a baker and a mom and I feel like I have to stand for all the cupcakes out there who have done nothing to us but bring joy to our lifes!

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