Sunday, May 12, 2013

How to paint your chocolate black

       Painting your chocolate has a trick, I think every thing has a tick in cupcake world.
Changing the color of chocolate is no exception, the only thing I knew when I put some black colorant in my melted chocolate was that I needed a good colorant , a gel one. I thought that would made the job. Mistake.

By the time I achieved a blackish tone my chocolate was no longer chocolate, it became this thing with a life of its own, sticky, muddy, just like pitch ( now "pitch black" adquired a whole other meaning !)  I wasted perfect white chocolate, I hate to waste , but to waste chocolate hurts me.
Besides, good bye design I had in mind...

So... When you read that you can paint your chocolate black, dont believe a word they say. And if you had already paint your chocolate black please, please let me know how to do it.

Too bad I was too ashamed to take a picture abd share it with you...

I am not joking! If you know how to paint melted chocolate black please share!

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