Friday, May 31, 2013

Is the cupcake dead?

Yesterday I read an article from the Seaway News claiming the cupcakes are death.
And I quote:
"I can't say I'm astonished. The cupcake craze had 'passing fad a la Hula Hoop' written all over it from the time the first shops opened back in the early years of the millennium. Imagine: a phenomenon that owed its existence to a single episode of the TV soap opera Sex and the City which happened to feature a cupcake shop. Talk about a flimsy foundation. "

It made me think a little of the cupcake status here in Mexico, (as I cant speak for other cities) yes, once upon a time there were cupcake shops as starbucks... In other words, we had a lot of cupcake shops!
But then, one by one began closing their doors, now I only know of two shops that survived... But, is the cupcake dead?
I dont think so.

In my experience and opinion, making cupakes is not economic, in fact, is very expensive, if you add the cost of renting a place, and the cost of helpers for the shop the prices skyrocketed... The average cupcake cost in a store went as hi as 4$ ( without any embelisments)
In mexico, 4 dollars the cupcake is pretty hi , so the people only ate them at special ocations, forcing the shops to low the cuality of their profuct to keep making a profit, that lead to insatisfied costumers
That lead to closed shops.

But closed cupcake shops does not mean the cupcake is dying! I keep seeing them everywhere! At showers, children parties , and other events. It just changed the way people buy cupcakes. In order to make a delicious cupcake made with hi quality products , the cupcake has to be home made.

The cupcake is not death, and all the people on this communities are living proof!
They are delicious , the perfect size, and make the perfect decoration for events.
Versatile and cute as they are I hope they never die!!

I leave you the link to the article here if you want to read it too and share your opinion.

Seaway News

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