Monday, May 27, 2013

Congrats to Simply Sweet Cupcakes. Cupcake Wars winners

I dont know if you ever watched Cupcake Wars on t.v . I have. And I love that show!
Not only for the great recipes or ideas I can get from the top cupcake bakers on the US. But I also love the people that participate on it. I think they are brave, creative and have nerves of steel!

I especially loved Gina and Jaqueline Ciaburri from Simply Sweet Cupcakes
For their fantastic and outside the box recipes. This two wonderful bakers proved that cupcakes can be as versatile as our imagination.

I take my hat of for every contestant.
Congratulations Simply Sweet Cupcakes!!
you deserved the big prize!
And if I ever visit Jersey, your shop will be a must!!

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