Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Birthday Cake

Today is a very special day... Today my little helper turns 3!
I am very excited and grateful to life for having such a beautiful inteligent and loving daughter. 3 years of challenges , sleepless nights and constant worries.
3 years of putting up with everyones advice and opinion, even the advice of random people on the supermarket!
Many days of second guessing myself as a mom, not knowing what I am doing, but doing it from a place of love, even the yelling ( thats what I say to myself). Being a mom of two has not being easy, no one prepares you for what is yet to come, but no one prepares you either for the love.
3 years ago my heart grew in many ways, I can now find joy in my childs eyes, smile, laughter. I opened to a hole new sistem of believes, where old fashioned values have their place, where my mom is my superhero and all the other moms out there giving the best they have.
Now when I see a kid making a tantrum at the mall I smile, and pray to not be the next one.
3 wonderfull years!
Ok I will stop for now, and start with the cake bussines...

Next week my little helper is having her party, and of course I am making cupcakes and cake pops for her Dora Themed bash! ( expect photos, many of them)
I needed purple frosting for Doras backpack cupcakes, and not being a fan of colorant I thought blackberry icing would be perfect and delicious.
Of course I had to try it first, so I made this chocolate nutella cake and frosted with my new recipe. I know the design is not the most original but it is beautiful and I like it! And because I am allways doing cupcakes this is the perfect excuse to try it myself . So here it is: my daughters bithday cake!

I didn't had any fondant for the butterflies so I used candy melts . I ran out of frosting before I could finish. Also turns out that the wilton 2C tip dont make roses as the wilton 2D .... But who cares! the taste with the blackberry frosting and the nutella was out of this world!

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