Sunday, May 5, 2013

5 de Mayo Chocolate Cupcakes

5 de Mayo. An important date in the history of Mexico... The french forces were defeated by General Zaragoza in an epic battle... And what a better way to commemorate this date that fighting my own battle, against chocolate, against every flat or gooish chocolate cupcake I have ever made. This time I went prepared for this battle of mine with the perfect recipe, the best ingredients, the girls were sleeping and the time was right, ... As I aproached de mixer I prayed for fluffines, moisture and hight... When I finished with my batter I was confident, it looked great, smelled great and It had no butter! Everything was perfect what possibly could go wrong???

I have no answer, I am a desgrace for my ancestors and a shame for the cupcake world... Chocolate won again!

I swear I am not trying to make this blog like Pintester ( I love it!!! , if you want to laught I highly recommend it) where this lady messes things up just for the fun of it .
I have made Bannana cupcakes with no problem at all, vanilla, and even carrot cupcakes , but chocolate cupcakes are my nemesis, my big obstacle , they just wont come out for me!!!

Do you have a great and easy recipe to help me in my quest? What am I doing with my chocolate that allways goes wrong?

This time the problem is overflow... I swear I just filled them 1/3 2/3 like Im supposed to, like I allways fill my liners ... This is what happened:

In case you are wondering what wonderful recipe did I follow was the recipe from The Alchemist , great blogger and excellent baker and teacher. This is the link to read it : The best moisture chocolate cupcakes

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